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    PYKL3 Radar is the most advanced and highest rated Android weather radar display app available cutting edge customization and data display options. If you live in the USA, and are on the go, this is the app to have for anyone who is affected by weather. No static images here, these are the raw data displayed in their pure form on a dynamically generated map.

    No matter if one is just attending an outdoor event or in the path of a tropical cyclone or line of severe thunderstorms, PYKL3 Radar delivers data to your device with a clear and accurate picture of the storm along with official warnings and your own location*. It truly provides weather data when you need it...where you need it. Not convinced? Just look at the product reviews.

    The first thing people often realize is that PYKL3Radar is FLEXIBLE! No other Android radar App comes close to the degree of customization and information provided. Keep the display as simple as you like, or load it up. The choice is yours.

    See ground truth precipitation reports!
    The latest versions allow users to display storm tracks as well as radar algorithm estimates of hail size and in storm circulation and tornado vortex signatures. Never before has so much vital information been possible on an Android device. See the help page for some insight into what all the symbols represent.

    Images here are shown with optional third-party provider features. For a listing of what requires a subscription to one of two alternate third party providers, see here. You'll quickly see that no subscription is required for a VERY informative piece of software
    Zooming out provides a continental USA view with warnings displayed in real time. These warning data are updated every minute so you always have the latest information available. In this image, severe thunderstorm warnings are yellow and tornado warnings are in red.
    Hail was estimated up to two inches in diameter and several areas are shown with a severe thunderstorm warnings in progress. Notice the areas of storm level circulation depicted by the purple circles.

    For best results, consider a subscription to or**
    A third party subscription is not required for radar, warnings, or surface plots

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