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    I had a LifeProof case for my iPhone 5S and it was great. I got one for the iPhone 6 Plus and the case for the 6 plus seems to be a dud and not worth the time/money. The door that seals the charging port has a number of issues. For one thing the whole is so small that only the 3 foot apple charging cable will work with it, all 3rd party cables will not fit in the case and even some of apple's own accessories like the HDMI cable do not work with this case.

    The other major issue that I had with the iPhone 6 Plus LifeProof case was that the door that seals the charging port would not last even two weeks before breaking. LifeProof ended up sending me 4 replacement cases one right after the other (free of charge) however after the 5th case only lasting 2 days I just gave up and requested a refund for the cost of the case. If you have an iPhone 6 Plus, whatever you do, do not get a LifeProof case.

    I'm always looking for waterproof cases for any mobile phone that I own. If you have had one let us know what it was, for what phone it was for and how you liked it.

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